When we are in a dream world it is hard to control what position you sleep in, but there are sleeping positions that provide comfort and better sleep quality.

If your body is stiff and your movements weary when you wake up in the morning, perhaps the problem lies in the position in which you sleep.

Sleeping on your stomach, which is considered by most adults as the most comfortable position, in the long term can cause headaches and problems in the cervical spine due to stress on the neck. If you sleep on your side, make sure the height of the pillow. It must support the natural C-shape of the neck in this position. Set a smaller pillow between your knees to minimize skin irritation which may occur due to friction. A slight bending of your upper leg reduces an unnatural bending of the pelvis.

Sleeping on your back is considered by the experts as the healthiest. This position holds the weight of the body in balance, preventing neck and back pain. Place a pillow under your knees in order to maintain the correct position of the spine. The only drawback is that sleeping in this position can intensify the snoring problem.